How To Bring Donations

For those wanting to bring donations the day of their event please CLICK HERE to save and download our WLGO Donation Form.

All required sections of the form must be filled out (please write legibly) in order to process your donation request and associate it with your team and/or course. Please note: checks must be made payable to
"World's Largest Golf Outing - Charity Donation."

If you have any cash donations, we strongly recommend depositing them into your bank account and writing a check for those donations. You can utilize the WLGO Donation Form with a check stapled to your form, and bring it with you to your local event. This will ensure that your donation can get processed right away and allocated to your team and/or course.

If any required information on the donation form is not provided in its entirety or is not legible we reserve the right to process your donation as a general donation and therefore it will not be associated with a team and/or course.

You will receive a notification from our charities regarding your donation to the World's Largest Golf Outing before the end of the year.

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