About the World's Largest Golf Outing

The World’s Largest Golf Outing™ (WLGO) was created in 2011 with the vision of all of the golf courses in the Indigo portfolio holding a golf outing on the same day and have that event make a difference. So, WLGO was born by combining two of the company’s passions – playing golf and giving back.

The record-setting potential for the Largest Golf Outing ever was an ancillary benefit compared to finding a way to make a difference in the lives of others.  With your support, WLGO has raised over $4 million for injured service men and women and their families and we are still counting!  

We look forward to another year of raising funds for Fisher House Foundation, who operates 82 comfort homes where military and veteran’s families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment.

With your help, we will grow WLGO into the single largest charitable golf event held on one day and continue to make a significant impact in the lives of those who need it most.

As a part of the World’s Largest Golf Outing Community we are proud to support to Fisher House Foundation by donating through World's Largest Golf Outing!  Your contribution can make an enormous impact while keeping military families together throughout the year.

Did you know that $10 covers one night at a Fisher House, allowing families and loved ones of injured service members to stay together during a difficult time in their lives?

Let’s Make a Difference. Together.

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$40,000 Raised
2,500 Participants
80 Courses, 24 States 

$400,000 Raised
8,000 Participants
100 Courses, 24 States

$735,440 Raised
10,500 Participants
110 Courses, 28 States

$887,426 Raised
12,100 Participants
118 Courses, 27 States

$1,024,287 Raised
12,397 Participants
132 Courses, 28 States

$418,455 Raised
7,474 Participants
129 Courses, 28 States

$294,240 Raised
5,228 Participants
130 Courses, 25 States

$345,033 Raised
5,180 Participants
97 Courses, 24 States

$394,638.02 Raised
5,033 Participants
92 Courses, 24 States

$108,582.57 Raised
76 Courses, 24 States

$234,500.40 Raised
70 Courses, 23 States

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